The faggot son of Admin, Seniorawesomesauce (or SAS), created his account on 4/14/11 and has extensive history as a content creator, faggot, shitposter, nigger, and administrator. On 7/22/12, Admin claims to have promoted seniorawesomesauce to administrator for several hours, in which time he "banned" 3 people. This is funnyjunk's forgotten admin, as most people don't care about this incident, in part because it happened exclusively on the brony board.

Seniorawesomesauce has since been replaced by a giant faggot named Phanact who spends his time copying SAS's shitposting abilities and memeing. To this day, SAS spends his time shitposting on brony, and the front page, and such content of his shitposting can include ponies, ponies in diapers, juggalos, and other generally hated things, because people are suckers for that kind of stuff.

Also fuck you bumsnatcher stop showing everyone at school my deviantart.