A popular user that has been a member of FunnyJunk since 2011. Easily the most well known user on the site, he is most easily identified by the pony he created, "Blaze" (pictured to the right). He has a taste for pop-tarts and Lemon-Lime Gatorade, makes a living delivering kebabs for a restaurant and his sexual and physical orientation is unconfirmed.

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Phanact is/was a part of the brony trend that was popular on FunnyJunk around 2011-2012. This trend quickly split the FunnyJunk community into those that followed the trend and those that opposed it. After the trend began to die down, people began to show strong dislike for the brony community. Phanact, being a part of that community, and being well known as he got along well with admin, soon became the user to bash. Many jumped on this bandwagon simply because they disliked bronies, and others because they "thought they were supposed to." To this day, Phanact is seen in a negative light by many for seemingly no reason. It seems that the majority of users, however, have a soft spot for the FJ "celebrity" and are more playful than malicious with their insults.